Friends of Labyrinth Lane

Although I am the one who has had fire in my belly about bringing Labyrinth Lane into existence for almost 3 years, it is because of others who have joined me along the way that has made the difference.

I am a bit of a Hobbit really, not so concerned with the affairs of the ‘big’ people and have appreciated those who are, sharing and contributing their time, energy, skill, love to making this possible.

We are all different, we are all the same and for this I say from my deepest heart,

Thank You.

– Tina Christensen

   Role of Honour

  • Peter Lustig – husband, teacher, devil’s advocate, ultimately one who dares to believe in me
  • Ross Mackinnon – soul brother,  architectural draftsman with whom I’ve shared many moments of dreaming and brainstorming bliss
  • Emily – geomancer who came, saw, suggested, Earthlore that confirmed my hunch of this land being about community and healing
  • My children – you inspire me to be myself and to model possibility rather than failure and lift me with your unswerving love and honesty
  • Robyn Rowe – for believing in me even when I didn’t and leading me to the light, always
  • Andy and Bruce for brainstorming crazy technology ideas with me and being excited when the space was no more than a pile of mud
  • Sarah Sacks with whom I’ve loved sharing this dreaming, for your gentle nudging when I was not grounded as we sat at EGS drinking Tony’s yummy chai
  • Angela Mackenzie for being a fellow facilitator and supporter of this vision
  • The O’Brien sistersMary and Liz for your humour, excitement and general loveliness
  • Caitlin Catley my soul sister and rock, who reminds me of my essence not my barnacles
  • Linda O’Neil who like a faery appeared and will bring love and light to maintaining a magical garden
  • Jacqui van Heerden for your passion around Permaculture and our shared passion to make Labyrinth Lane a place local community can come to learn how to do it for themselves
  • The magnificent mens groups that meet at Temenos and bring such beautiful strong, soft and conscious masculine energy to the environment.  I feel safer for you being here.  Thank You men for doing your work. x
  • Rick and Jonathan for your creativity and muscles and smiles in my darker hours.  Your being here made so much beauty possible – a gift that keeps giving
  • Dena and Sandra for saying yes when I was most needing support and by doing so showed how Labyrinth Lane is about community and for community.  Thank You. x
  • Bea my dear friend who loves me and loves my impossible dreams. You mean alot to me. x
  • Gosh…every person who has offered a kind word.  Random acts of kindness go such a long way and are remarkably under rated.Thank You All.x


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