Laybrinth Lane

A practice for wellness & beautiful soul-utions

Labyrinth Lane, founded by Tina Christensen in 2011, is a secret garden in the city of Melbourne that takes you to where you’d rather be.

“We offer experiences and spaces to cultivate deep listening for what you yearn for. Seasonal pauses, simple rituals, soundscapes, being touched by Nature and opportunities to commune.” TC

What inspired the journey of Labyrinth Lane?

In 2011, Tina had attended a psychology based Worldwork gathering in Denver, USA and stopped over in San Francisco on her way home. There she walked the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral once or twice each day for the week. For two decades, she’d been a ‘cross legged’ meditator and was staggered at how natural and expansive this was as a meditative practice. In fact she now considers labyrinth walking as better suited to a Western constitution than the Eastern traditions we’ve adopted.

Tina came home with fire in her belly to build a labyrinth that she and her therapeutic clients could access. She cleared a piece of scrubby rubbish land, defined the walking path with thousands of gum nuts (recycled from a public walk) and began walking. Began inviting others to walk with her.

Speaking engagements came next – educating people about labyrinth walking. In December 2012, she flew home from India where she’d been presenting at a conference, to run the first Summer Solstice gathering at Labyrinth Lane. The rest as they say is history.

“Between 2011-2014 I transitioned from being the ‘owner’ to the ‘custodian’ of this tradition and vision. I am as nourished and surprised by what comes next as guests arriving. It’s such a privilege and humbles me each time I return home to the Lane.” -TC

Many practitioners aligned with the ethos of the Lane are bringing their work here and so the healing and beauty continue to grow.

Labyrinth Lane began as a sanctuary of stillness, creativity and nature where people came to nurture, dream, and learn more about their lives.

By 2014 the essence of the Lane that guests were articulating was the joy of finding a handmade place where they could more easily ‘sow the seeds’ of their very own handmade lives.

And now in 2017, the Lane is again (like us) undergoing an evolution. Something like…we arrive and come to know in our bones (not just our intellect) that what we seek…is in fact seeking us.

Welcome to Labyrinth Lane

Outside the cottage 2016

Outside the cottage 2012

Tina Christensen

Creative Director, Labyrinth Lane

Tina is a Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator (advanced level) undertaking her training in both Australia and France. She was recently appointed chair of the Australian Labyrinth Network Inc (peak body for labyrinth work in Australia). 

Tina is also a registered creative arts psychotherapist, speaker and SoulCollage® graduate. She is passionate about the ‘art of being’ and cultivating an ‘artisan’ life rather than the cookie-cutter kind which keeps each of us disconnected from our authentic passions, joys and incredible life essence.                                                       

As Oscar Wilde put it… “be yourself…everyone else is taken.”

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